Property Standards Apply To Vacant Buildings

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Midland’s residents won’t stand idly by while our downtown devolves into some kind of slum and neither will I. This is private property in Downtown Midland and the building owner bears the responsibility for their storefront. This looks terrible but it is not the Midland taxpayer’s job to fund the daily upkeep of private property. The people who linger in this doorway and commit this mischief are likely not invited to be there by the owner, but the onus is on the owner to manage their property themselves or through a property manager.

Town of Midland property standards do not allow for this mess and in this case, a compliance order has been issued but that takes time and in the meantime we all have to endure this mess in our beautiful downtown core.

I’m posting this so people don’t assume this is “ok” with the Town or that we are “turning a blind eye”. I encourage business and building owners to take some pride in ownership like their neighbours do, and look after your property. If anyone sees someone committing mischief / vandalism I’d encourage you to call the OPP immediately so they can be held responsible. The property owner still bears the responsibility to fix the damage / mess though.

When the Town gets involved with compliance orders, and if they fail to comply, the costs will be significant and I have no problem defending those costs. Carrot first, but we also have a stick. Let’s work together to keep our community clean, safe and inviting! Happy Tuesday.

There is some vigorous commentary on my Facebook social media post about this matter.

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