Property Standards Violations

Property Standards Violations - What To Do
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Attention homeowners and tenants… THIS is not what you do with your garbage when you clean out your house. The county doesn’t pickup a mess like this. YOU need to have this taken to the North Simcoe Transfer Station. Rent a truck, trailer or commercial garbage bin service. Leaving this mess curbside is offensive and disrespectful to your neighbours and detracts from the safety and charm of our community.

To the many neighbours who contacted me about this mess, I’ve reported this to bylaw by emailing and I urge you to do the same when you see matters that we need to deal with.

The best way to stay in compliance with the Town’s bylaws is to know your responsibilities:


  1. Thank you Bill . I have reported a 10-12 foot cedar tree fence in Lindsay and Gloucester st as well which has to my knowledge has not been dealt with . You can’t see past it. There are several homes in midland that need to be reported and cleaned up .
    Please and me the regulations on yards , shrubs , fences etc .
    I thank you for your hard work Bill . It’s appreciated.
    Do you not have a By Law officer(s)

    • Yes we have bylaw officers and just hired two more part timers to help with property standards and other work. There is lots of work for them around town. I’m encouraging people to report bylaw issues using the email and for our team to be sure to follow up with the complainants. I am working on getting a copy of the property standards bylaw and reviewing it with our staff (and Council) for any changes we need to make, including hiking fines and progressive fines for repeat offenders.

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