Request For Lands: Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing

Our ability to directly impact the lack of affordable housing is very narrow in scope but acquiring or making existing qualifying land available for builds IS in our wheelhouse. I’d like us to consider this request from the Georgian Bay Native Women’s Association and have emailed the CAO to see about next steps.

See the entire letter below but here’s an excerpt:

“The Georgian Bay Native Women’s Association remains dedicated in seeking to increase housing stock to combat the effects of the housing crisis in our area for low-income individuals and families; and we are seeking your assistance. By working together, we could continue to transform lives through creating new affordable housing units for people living in our communities; through constructing new buildings or by modifying existing buildings.

We have another funding opportunity to increase our local supply of affordable housing; however, we are running into challenges with acquiring local land and/or properties suitable for our growing housing project. Specifically, we are seeking to build single units, as well as more family homes. We seek your support and assistance in obtaining land grants or access to surplus property to create new affordable housing units for Indigenous women, children, Elders, and their families. We would welcome an opportunity to discuss this endeavour (or future endeavours) to work towards increasing local affordable rental housing stock; and to develop strategies to address the need for further affordable Indigenous housing in our region.”