Resident Offers Midland Bay Landing Alternative Plan

Midland Bay Landing Re-Think

In an email submission to Council in this week’s Council Information Package (CIP), local resident Pat Murray submits an alternative plan for the former Unimin, Midland Bay Landing property on our waterfront.

The now almost 8 year old master plan, which has not attracted any serious interest by credible developers seems to be stalled and the current six figure yearly burn rate of tax dollars to support the efforts of the Midland Bay Landing Development Corporation (created to take over the project from Council) shows little to no sign of progress.

Thousands of residents are growing restless with both the lack of progress and have had many years to compare and contrast the plans for our waterfront with that of other communities, which lead to a petition presented to Council asking for a re-think and reconsideration to see most, if not all, of the property made accessible and recreational to serve the entire community.

In Mr Murray’s letter he writes:

My position on parkland preservation is clear. I have supported the community petition, have brought up MBL several times this term and continue to be a voice for the residents who want to keep this last piece of waterfront for our community, and not have it developed into mixed use commercial and high end condos. We own the land. It needs millions of dollars of remediation to make it attractive to a developer. It needs shoreline erosion control in place. We could simply keep the land undisturbed, and build community assets on it, intermixed with natural features and unabated shoreline access.

I need four more votes on Council to make this vision a reality. Speak to your councillors and urge them to support you, and me in a re-think of this magnificent property. Thank you Pat for helping me to keep this subject alive and for the time you took to think about another solution for the land.

I know this won’t be the last submission from our community and you can count on my support for as long as I have a seat at the table and mandate to advocate for you.