Resident Supports Naturalization & Suggests Bylaw Amendments

Weeds Are Flowers Too...

Resident Linda Hillman wrote to Council in support of this Wednesday’s report suggesting pollinator friendly zones in Midland’s parklands and urges us to take it a step further by embracing this for vacant lots and resident’s properties.

You can read her thoughtfully prepared report to us here:

“We’ve always done it that way is a hard habit to break, and it takes time to change perception – but as Midland looks at Naturalization ideas, this proposal could easily be simple first step. Just as we did not think people would ever take to cloth bags in grocery stores, we now know that good education can go hand in hand with change.

As the town reviews ideas on general Naturalization, here are some ideas to cooperatively utilize vacant lands into abundant useful meadows, as well as to address potential resistance.”

I tend to agree with her. If we adopt the policy for our parkland, residents should be equally free to participate with their own property. The review of our property standards bylaw must form part of this discussion.

I intend to speak to her letter while discussing the naturalization report this Wednesday evening. If you have an opinion about this, please feel free to share it with me as well as your other Councillors.