Residential Speeding – Cannot Be Ignored

I spent the day knocking on doors and speaking with residents on Galloway Blvd. By far, their number one concern, second only to our taxes, is uncontrolled speeding and excessive noise from vehicles.

While there all day I witnessed first hand the speeds at which some people drive on that residential street. It’s a major east/west shortcut instead of Yonge or County Road 12. The unnecessarily loud exhausts (while fun on the highway) combined with hammer down acceleration from stop sign to stop sign make this dangerous and very uncomfortable for residents – many of whom have young children and sloped driveways.

What can I do next term? With the support of council (and the neighbourhood) we can double the fines, lower the speed limit and install photo radar and perhaps speed bumps for three seasons and slow everyone down. Only offenders would be subject to enforcement and fines. OPP can help as they have time and resources available too.

I’m open to suggestions but we have many similar issues around town and we have the tools and authority to help. I need the votes. Talk to your candidates.

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