Should We Add Midland’s Voice To This Letter About Police Diversity Training

The Town of Mono has added their voice to a similar resolution passed by the Town of Orangeville and sent this notice to Midland – perhaps in the hopes that we choose to endorse the concept and add our voice to their chorus.

What are your thoughts about Midland Council adopting a similar stance and sending the Minister a similar letter encouraging additional diversity training in our front-line policing?

Police are well trained as generalists and routinely sent into situations where they are expected to deal with “anything”, often making split-second decisions, and expected to make the best decision possible based on that training and the circumstances in which they find themselves.

Midland Council just passed a resolution that acknowledges the existence of systemic racism and renews its commitment to continuous review of Town policies to align with that stance.

With the ongoing unrest around some police use of force, calls for the eradication of systemic racism and the general conclusion that the current catch-all model of police response needs some re-thinking, do you think that diversity training is part of the solution or is this already a blanket expectation that is mostly well-met?