“Simcoe North” To Become “Penetanguishene Couchiching”?

What's In A Name

Simcoe North is one of 8 Federal ridings originally named in the British North American Act (1867) that has not changed its name – but that is about to change along with the boundaries. You have a limited time to participate in this and voice your support of objection to this new name for our historic riding. Does this new name adequately represent you and the diversity the riding includes? I’d ask why change our name in the first place? This is the Federal government gerrymandering – happens every 10 years but this time they want to change our name too.

Simcoe North – Existing boundaries

Existing Simcoe North Federal Riding Boundaries – As they have been since 1867

Consisting of:

  • (a) that part of the County of Simcoe comprised of:
    • (i) the townships of Ramara, Severn, Tay and Tiny;
    • (ii) the towns of Midland and Penetanguishene;
    • (iii) Christian Island Indian Reserve No. 30, Christian Island Indian Reserve No. 30A and Mnjikaning First Nation (Rama First Nation) Indian Reserve No. 32;
    • (iv) that part of the Township of Oro-Medonte lying northeasterly of a line described as follows: commencing at the intersection of the northwesterly limit of said township with 9 Line North; thence southeasterly along said line to Moonstone Road East; thence northeasterly along said road to 9 Line North; thence generally southeasterly along said line to Horseshoe Valley Road East; thence northeasterly along said road to 9 Line North; thence southeasterly along said line, its intermittent production, 9 Line South and its southeasterly production to the southerly limit of said township; and
  • (b) the City of Orillia.

What It Being Proposed?

The proposed new “Penetanguishene Couchiching” replacement riding boundaries and name change

Boundary: Moving all parts of Oro-Medonte currently in Simcoe North to Barrie Springwater Oro-Medonte (the area commonly known as northeast of Line 9) – for example, includes Hawkestone, Warminster and Bass Lake

Name change: to rename Simcoe North to Penetanguishene Couchiching


  1. Boundary change

    a. Residents northeast of Line 9 (eg. Hawkestone, Warminster etc) may culturally and practically identify more with Orillia than Barrie
    1. Schools and Medical care in Orillia and local shopping incl. local farmers markets, amenities (recreation facilities & kids sporting programs)
    2. Volunteer and are involved in the Orillia community
    3. Newspaper distribution reflects that many of these communities receive and contribute to news from Orillia area
    4. Springwater’s population is projected to grow substantially in the Midhurst Secondary Plan (construction already approved for 3,850 units ~12,000 people and another 4,000 units in another 10 years)
      1. Simcoe North’s pop. growth projections are much lower, which will result in Barrie Springwater Oro-Medonte quickly going above the target pop.
      2. Driving along Highway 12 (main throughfare in Simcoe North) would have someone enter and leave the riding at least twice
  2. Name change
    a. Simcoe North is one of 8 federal ridings originally named in the British North American Act (1867) that has not changed its name
    1. Picking one town(ship) name excludes the other 5 (Penetanguishene, Orillia, Midland, Tay, Severn, Tiny, Beausoleil, Rama)
    2. Communities, incl. indigenous communities not consulted on the name change
    3. Any name change should keep a reference to Simcoe North to reduce confusion and reflect continuity with history

How To Participate In This Process

If you wish to make a representation at a hearing, you must complete a Public Hearing Participation Form. The Commission has set September 25, 2022 as the date by which the Public Participation Hearing Form is to be filed.

A submission may be made in writing as an alternative to appearing at an in-person or virtual hearing.

Should you wish to send comments and feedback to the Commission, without attending a public hearing, you can do so by mail or email, or by using the Interactive Mapping Tool.

Public Hearing Participation Form

The Public Hearing Participation Form, or alternatively written submissions (for those who only wish to make a submission in writing), may be filed by email or by mail to:ON@redecoupage-federal-redistribution.ca
Ms. Paula Puddy
Commission Secretary
Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for Ontario
PO Box 37018 Southdale
London, Ontario N6E 3T3


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