So You Live Near A Drug House – What Can Be Done? Midland Community Safety Chat

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Are you a resident of Midland concerned about what you believe to be (or truly is) a drug house near your home? Some clues are known criminals living there or frequenting the residence (although they have to live somewhere), constant foot and vehicle traffic at all hours and often (but not always) property in obvious disrepair and disorder and discarded needles or drug paraphernalia? Is there petty crime in your neighbourhood (mischief, theft from vehicles etc), constant police and / or ambulance attendance? Do you feel that more should be done by the property owners, the Town of Midland (fire, bylaw, building inspectors etc) or the OPP?

You’re not alone in those feelings. Well, your police board, town staff, councillors and mayor are fully aware of issues in our beautiful town and we’re listening. We have a community safety symposium coming up on Thursday October 19th at the NSSRC (more details to come – stay tuned) to help with solutions to homelessness, mental health, addictions and the lack of supporting housing and street outreach.

In the meantime, and inspired by conversations with residents, I’ve hosted a one-hour zoom panel with our OPP detachment commander and municipal enforcement staff (bylaw, building, fire) to hear from you, let you know what steps we are taking (or can take) and what role you can play in keeping our community safe and discourage drug dealing and crime in our neighborhoods. The video is embedded into this page.

Thanks for participating and I hope this first session is helpful and informative. We are trying a multi-departmental approach to manage problem homes in our community, with the primary focus on neighbourhood and community safety as our guiding principle.

Watch the recording of our first Community Safety Chat session.

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  1. Much thanks for this mayor and participating Police , fire , by/law and citizens . Please do another zoom and let’s talk about how we can help the homeless and addicted . Let’s not be part of the problem but part of the solution . Again . Thank you to all

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