Spring 2022 Midland Cenotaph Work

Midland Cenotaph - Photo Credit Andrew Philips/MidlandToday
Midland Cenotaph - Photo Credit Andrew Philips/MidlandToday

A staff report on this Wednesday’s Council agenda includes some recommendations:

During a recent research project conducted by the Midland Legion and Huronia Museum, discrepancies were found on the Cenotaph for four, First World War Veterans. The Midland Legion has also completed a survey of the Cenotaph grounds and have made a request for some repairs to be made. The municipality is responsible for the Cenotaph and its grounds.

The following discrepancies were noted and name changes proposed;

  1. J. Jelifo to J.D. Chalifoux
  2. W. Gendro to W. Jondrow
  3. G. Saunders to G. Sanders
  4. W. Streathern to W. Strathearn

Additionally, the Legion is requesting repairs and maintenance be performed to the two surrounding fences. Sections of the outer fence have fallen over completely and are warped or bent. Both fences are in need of cleaning and paint as rust is coming through, this can be completed by summer staff after the repairs have been made.

In 2018 an individual splashed blue paint on the monument which was removed a few days later by the municipality however a stain still remains. The Legion is requesting this be completely removed. For appearance and security purposes the tree mounted light will be replaced, provided there is still power to the fixture. Lastly there are two large (approximately 3 foot) sections of hedging along the pathway which are no longer alive, this will be addressed by the gardener.

Financial Impact:
The Town has received quotes for the above noted repairs and they are as follows;

  • Monument Repairs – $8,200 discounted to $5,760 plus HST.
  • Fence Repair ā€“ $1,000
  • Lighting Replacement ā€“ $475 plus HST

Summer staff will be utilized to clean and paint the fence once repairs have been made.
As well as replace the hedging as required. The Midland Legion has approved $2,000 from the Poppy Fund for the restoration of the war memorial they are awaiting final approval from Legion Command for the use of these funds. The remaining cost will be covered by the municipality through Operations
operating budget as this was an unexpected and therefore unbudgeted expense.

Although unbudgeted, I will be supporting this request.

You can review this report here: https://midland.civicweb.net/document/34994