Survey Results – Council Size Reduction / Elimination Of Wards

Survey Results

Thank you to all who participated in my community engagement survey. The debate and vote happens tonight. I campaigned on revisiting Council composition and to explore the elimination of the ward system. As you will read in the comments submitted by those who participated, there are pros and cons to both reducing council size and the elimination of ward system.

In my mind, the reason to go to the public for input, especially for such fundamental change issues as this one, is a duty. I have done so and have considered the responses. As one of your elected representatives, my role is to be your voice and to bring your thoughts, concerns and wishes to Council. I will use these survey results and feedback in my decision tonight.

Here are the results of the survey that I will rely upon:

One more question on the survey was about the option to remove the deputy mayor position. This is not one of the recommendations by staff but appears as an option. I surveyed you and this is what you said:

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