Swimming At NSSRC This Summer! (April Fools)

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Don’t believe everything you read on April 1st… traditionally the gags stop at noon so I have edited this post with this notice. Hope you had a chuckle!

We were prevented from announcing this amazing initiative until April, but I can tell you that when we were first approached with this innovative technology we figured that only a fool would pass up this revenue stream for the beleaguered sports and recreation centre with FREE admission for Midland residents!

Bill Gordon ~ Mayor

When the ice is shut down for the summer months, we have a new plan to increase usage of the sports and recreation centre and to generate revenue. With the simple addition of a custom liner and a special water filtration system, the smaller ice surface can be easily turned into a swimming pool for kids and families to cool off in this summer.

The 4ft depth won’t be deep enough for diving but the pool area is large enough that we will divide it into two sections – a lap / exercise section and a fun family recreation section with the simple addition of a water slide. We will need to get some existing staff certified as lifeguards. We would be the first municipality to try this cutting edge technology and have secured funding to ensure this does not become a burden on our taxpayers.


  1. Terrific story! Thank you for re-instituting Midland’s annual April Fool’s joke. Bryson would be so proud of you for doing so!

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