Thoughts & Prayers – Budget 2022

Council 2018-2022

Folks… as we head into this week’s three full days of budget deliberations, I want to point something out. All nine of us were elected by you in 2018 to help move Midland forward. In these past three years, we certainly have not always agreed on all matters before us, but despite all that I honestly believe that each of us is doing what we believe is best for Midland.

This is our last budget of this term and we are faced with unprecedent financial pressures (rampant inflation, pandemic recovery, depleted reserves, major capital projects, service level changes etc) and an equally unprecedented proposed tax increase.

Each of us will have a different perspective on what is needed, wanted and opinions about some expenses that are largely beyond our control. That diversity is actually a strength and is why I supported (and still do) having nine voices at the table representing the diversity of our community.

Please watch the meetings (they will be on Rogers and YouTube) and listen to the discussion as we debate the capital and operational budget submissions so you can understand how we get to where we end up.

Budgets are where teamwork in Council is needed more than ever. No different than at our homes, we must live within our means and make some hard decisions about what we want vs what we need. We need your thoughts, and maybe even your prayers as we head into what is likely to be a very challenging three days of deliberations.

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