Time To Pause Paid Parking Downtown

Update: Oct 7th 2021 (the day after the motion/meeting)
The meeting results are well summarized in this reporting: https://www.midlandtoday.ca/local-news/downtown-parking-fees-here-to-stay-as-midland-council-splits-vote-during-contentious-session-4493645

I was unsuccessful in my attempt to pause paid parking gaining only two other councillor’s support.

Please watch this video message looking for support of my peers next Wednesday night to speak to my motion (without notice) and to pause the paid parking downtown while we sort out the many problems that our residents and visitors have been experiencing with the system.

My motion reads “That council direct the immediate pause of paid parking to allow for a review of technical issues, user sentiment/adoption, re-implementation options and timing as well as budgetary impact”

Here are some videos of user experiences that I have captured and shared on my social media pages.