Tiny Homes Coming To Midland?

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I’ve been meeting with the proponents for many months now and am working on a path forward to help make this happen. Deputy Mayor Prost and I had a call with Gord McKay this past Monday and I’m working on candidate land and a site-specific zoning change that could get the pilot project back in front of council shortly. These are not shipping container homes, and instead would be prefab small homes that get trucked into the location and connected to municipal services.

We need to take some bold steps to help get tiny homes approved for use in our community and this proof of concept could be a model for other communities (and other landowners in Midland) to embrace.

This will involve the community, town staff, council and Habitat for Humanity in the first affordable “rental” model (instead of ownership) from this well-respected organization.

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Local news coverage: https://barrie.ctvnews.ca/big-vision-using-tiny-homes-to-address-housing-shortfall-1.6784865


    • Habitat for Humanity has an application process for their projects and I’d assume the same process would apply to these rentals. Check out their website for the qualifications to apply to their subsidized programs.

  1. 5 to 7 tiny homes on one residential lot seems a lot I sure would not want to live beside this sorry.
    As these will be renters most do not look after their property like ownership . Would this not put down the value of homes on the street these tiny homes are put on ? Lots of questions here need answers. One bedroom is not for families !

    • You’re right about the target demographic. It’s not for families for sure. They suggest it’s for working poor single or couples etc. Density is the biggest hurdle for land use planning. The property management duties would be through Habitat For Humanity so they would screen the tenants and manage the property like other large rental operators. But this is very early in a process and there WILL be mandatory public input into any zoning changes.

  2. Brilliant initiative Bill. Iv’e seen this work all over Europe and am excited that Midland is now pushing for this. I will watch with enthusiasm.

  3. Looks very promising! Good to find solutions not just identify problems. Thank you for moving forward on this and other options for housing.

    • Looks like good start, I like C. Roots presentation, a number of homes in a group, good for parking
      and having neighbors+ close by. Selecting the right site will be the big issue

  4. Great idea, much better than Tent Cities. Will the small community be monitored by town officials, with qualifying rules, and grass cutting?

    • The proposal is that Habitat for Humanity will be the owners, tenant screeners and property managers. These will be deeply affordable rentals, which is a new approach from this well-respected organization. If anyone can pull it off, they can.

  5. Great initiative. Inspiring. Good luck. I’ll be eagerly watching how this unfolds. Kathleen Baleja Thunder Bay.

  6. Amazing!! My husband is a contractor. He will be looking at volunteer opportunities. This is an initiative very close to our hearts!!

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