Tiny Homes In Midland?

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After selling his software business for millions, Marcel Lebrun decided to pour his time and money into an affordable housing project in Fredericton. CBC’s Harry Forestell takes a closer look at the 12 Neighbours community and its impact on the people who live there. Watch the video below.

Midland does not have any Provincial / Federal funding or doesn’t actually “build” homes, but we are the land-use planning approval authority for our Municipality. Zoning could be adjusted to allow for these. While not a solution for everybody, Tiny homes that connect to municipal sewer and water could be an affordable solution to the housing crisis and meet the needs of a largely un-served demographic. What are your thoughts about these and where funding could come from?

Source: https://www.cbc.ca/player/play/2277497923783


  1. Hello, this is what we need, a good person he is and there are others
    like him, What are we waiting for. LETS GO

  2. $4 million builds 99 homes. That’s ball park $40,000 per home.
    Great idea.
    Every community needs at least one of these.

  3. Love the idea of tiny homes. I have two sons whom have one income and they don’t ever believe financially that they will afford a home. However, with tiny homes there is a glimmer of hope!

  4. I have been advocating for tiny home on the vacant waterfro9nt property for years now….the homeless already set up camp there…its ground that is hard to work with…but tiny homes on raised beds would work…

  5. What a fantastic idea, this could help not only the homeless but seniors on a fixed income as well as people trying to buy their first home. I feel that this is something that provincial and federal governments should assist with. Perhaps there is funding available for affordable housing.

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