Town Agrees To Settle Law Suit Against Me

I have not kept my website current with all the drama over the past two years, but this one issue is deserving of a summary and the formal recognition by Council, the Police Services Board and the Town of Midland that the legal actions against me have been settled out of court – at great personal expense to both myself and the Midland taxpayer.

In case you have missed what this was all about, you can review a very well-documented article found in the Globe and Mail about the issue.

Suffice to say, the Town and I found a compromise that could satisfy my oaths of secrecy (to which I am bound for life) and still allow for a legal review option for the Town to attempt to use the data to which I was compelled to provide their third party lawyer access to.

In case you are wondering why I had a duty to protect the confidential police data about the residents of the Town of Midland from disclosure to non-police personnel, the topic came up on one of my Zoom chats with community members. You may be interested in this discussion and why it was not possible (or legal) for me to just hand over police data to the Town.

In short, they got the access to the former Midland Police Service data systems and now must go before a judge to be authorized to review it and use some or all of it (deemed by a judge) for their several legal battles with former Chief Michael Osborne.

My role ended back in late March 2020 when I provided the encryption keys to their independent legal counsel and I have been waiting impatiently ever since for the Town to make the announcement that my involvement was over – and I am still waiting for the minutes of settlement that would see this matter officially over.

The legal advice, on which I relied to settle this matter is published below.
Legal advice from Mark Bourrie on which I relied to settle the MPS Data law suit by the Town of Midland