Transit For Midland Residents To/From Balm Beach This Summer

Balm Beach - Tiny Township
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Weekend Transit Service to Balm Beach for Midland residents is an approved pilot project for summer 2024.

At a Transit Committee meeting in 2023 Councillor East proposed an additional service to Balm Beach on weekend to allow families to get to the beach for the day. Staff have determined that the Town is unable to provide this service internally given the existing staff and equipment resources. Staff have reached out to local school bus charter companies for input and costing, however they could not provide pricing as they currently cannot guarantee a driver.

Community Reach advised they could provide the service on Saturdays from June 29th to September 7th. Transit and Community Reach do not operate on Sundays. The proposed service would be similar to what is currently offered by Community Reach, an on demand, door-to-door pickup that would run 5 runs out to Balm Beach in the morning and 5 returning runs in the afternoon. The program would accommodate a maximum of 35 riders per day, or 7 riders per trip. The per rider fee would be the same as conventional transit fees per the fees and charges by-law.

This service will only serve the Midland residents who book it (like a group Uber or Taxi). More details to follow, but Council is making it easier for Midland residents to get to the major Tiny Township public beach this summer and you don’t need a car, scarce parking permits or the risk of getting expensive parking tickets. If this service is well-received, we may expand it into 2025. Community Reach is already our accessible transit provider and part of the Midland Penetanguishene joint transit service and is providing this service for only a few thousand dollars.

What are your thoughts? Will you use this service? Will this help you to resume using this beautiful area beach?


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