Updated Fireworks Bylaw

Backyard Fireworks
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Council will be asked to approve an updated fireworks bylaw this Wednesday evening.

As part of an annual review the Fire Department reviewed By-law 2023-22, the Fireworks By-Law. During the review, staff identified several sections that required amendment.

The bylaw regulates the sale and use of fireworks in Midland, defines the dates / times when permitted and the requirement to obtain a permit, even to set off fireworks on your private property within the Municipality.

If this topic interests you, I encourage you to review the new draft bylaw: https://midland.civicweb.net/document/52585/?splitscreen=true&attachmenturl=%2Fdocument%2F52542

On a side note, and since we are talking about fireworks, the Canada Day 2024 fireworks will take place at dusk in Little Lake Park on July 1st 2024.


  1. Overall, very comprehensive, and I expect that most individuals do not know they need a permit to set off fireworks at home/local park, beach, etc.

    I think a little more proof reading is required.

    There are rules pertaining to Display Fireworks in the Consumer Fireworks section (6c, 6d, 6e).

    I suggest moving 4e to become 4b to align with other sections on the requirement of a permit.

    Perhaps there could be a requirement for retailers of fireworks to advise customers of the permit requirement. If 6e is intended to be for Consumer Fireworks, then retailers should advise customers of this requirement also.

    • Good comments, it could be easy enough to licence vendors in Midland on condition that they communicate (in some form) the rules in Midland, if the customer resides in Midland. This only works for vendor in Midland that we licence but it would help to some degree. Many fireworks come from places outside of town but every bit helps. There is also the expectation that we have good enforcement to ensure compliance.

  2. Hopefully one day fireworks will become a thing of the past. Light shows apparently are very up and coming. Fireworks can be such a detriment to the environment, wildlife, people and pets. All for five minutes of entertainment.

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