Vacant Building Tax?

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Update: May 1st 2024 – Council passed this initiative with a staff report to return with options on how to achieve our objectives.

Lots of new business set for Wednesday’s council meeting including this motion…

That Staff investigate the opportunity of implementing a Vacant Building Tax/Fee on vacant Commercial storefront buildings facing King Street north of Yonge Street extending to the Midland Harbour.

Comments, questions, concerns? Contact councillors ahead of the meeting this Wednesday and tune in to hear the discussion and outcome.

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  1. It is shocking that the Town of Midland would even consider this tax / fee. I am very proud commercial building owner of three buildings in downtown Midland. I take great pride in ensuring my buildings look very professional. I CANNOT control my tenants outcomes. They could go bankrupt, the could buy their own building and leave downtown. They could move to the Balm Beach development. And the Town of Midland wants to crucify us with yet more fees while our buildings are seeking new tenants or a buyer if that decision is made. Shame on the Town of Midland !!! Ten years from now, there will be no downtown anymore. It is considerations like this that are killing the downtown. Why don’t you just reel in your ridiculous costs and mis-management of costs rather than trying to get cash from any source you can !! The budget was an embarrassment with what money is spent on.

    • I have not heard the councillor’s argument on this yet but I assume this would be targeting buildings vacant for a period of time longer than is reasonable. Some have been left to rot for decades. I’m glad to hear you’re a responsible owner and share your concern that this should be carefully considered. As for your concerns about town budgets I’d hope you consider participating in the process this fall.

  2. How about talking to the owner of the building or a visit and explaining our position on
    Vacant buildings, this is not a good image for the Town and our Tourists, worth a try.

    • We have open property standards orders but little consequence for ignoring them. That is going to change. Carrot first but not afraid of stick when necessary. Protecting our downtown investment is in our taxpayers interest.

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