Why Are There Ads On My Website?

Why Are The Ads On My Website?

The short answer? They help pay for the cost of hosting this communications platform. The automatic inclusion of Google’s advertising that you see on my website is a service that pays me a few cents each day for clicks from visitors like you, who may be shown a product or service and choose to click on it for more information.

The ads are targeted to each visitor by Google and just like Facebook, are out of my control. If you wonder why you see ads for things you search for, or for websites, products and services that you tend to see on other websites, that is their tracking algorithms working hard to sell you things.

The costs of hosting and running this little website are not very expensive but it is not free. I don’t submit any of my cellphone, internet or other communications expenses to the Town for the taxpayer to re-reimburse me for, despite having an expense account for that very purpose. So, instead I opt to have some ads run on my website and use the pennies and nickels that come from the ads to help pay for hosting and web security.

In exchange for having to see some advertising, I hope you find value in the content that I share on this platform and onto my social media steams as I use these tools to keep the lines of communications open with all the residents whom I have the honour of serving this term.

Thanks for your continued support. You can count on mine in all matters where I have pledged to put our Community First.