Wildlife Feeding Prohibition Bylaw

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Update: May 1st 2024 – Council passed this initiative with a staff report to return with options on how to achieve our objectives.

Lots of new business set for Wednesday’s council meeting including this motion…

That Staff be directed to implement a By-law that no person shall intentionally feed a wild animal or leave food or attractants of any type or any form out of doors in such a manner as to attract, or to be accessible by a wild animal, feral or stray domestic animal on private or public property; and

That this By-law will not apply to the feeding of songbirds on a property, provided spillage of seed upon the ground is removed by the property owner or occupier forthwith and disposed of in a manner that does not attract wild animals, feral or stray domestic animals.

Comments, questions, concerns? Contact councillors ahead of the meeting this Wednesday and tune in to hear the discussion and outcome.

Background: https://www.midlandtoday.ca/local-news/overfeeding-of-local-wildlife-on-the-menu-for-midland-politicians-7530940

Excerpt from Penetanguishene related bylaw: https://penetanguishene.civicweb.net/filepro/document/185313/2014-29%20Being%20a%20By-law%20to%20Prohibit%20or%20Regulate%20the%20Keeping%20of%20Certain%20Animals%20within%20the%20Town%20of%20Penetanguishene%20and%20to%20Repeal%20By-law%20No.%201980-14%20and%201999-20.pdf


    • If this passes and gets enacted, you could do anything you want until someone makes a complaint and enforcement has to look into it. We are not going to be sending bylaw proactively onto private property to inspect for compliance. Like all laws, compliance is voluntary and consequences come from being caught.

  1. Does this mean in all of Midland or only down town. If its all of Midland, I’m all for it.
    I live in a subdivision near the catholic high school. My neighbor across the Street is feeding the Squirrels, Mice, Rats, Births of any kind, stray Kats during Winter and Summer time. In the Back yard or front of the Property. It is getting very annoying having a nice Garden, spending a lot of time and Money to maintain it only so that the Squirrels come running from the Neighbors feeding ground and dig holes to hide the peanuts.
    On top of all, the feeding went so far, that mice and Rat started to live in the neighborhood under the Garden Sheds do to the excessive feeding. This is an ongoing War. Please do something about it.

      • I will take whatever consequences might be thrown at me. As a Metis and 2Spirited person, it is a traditional role my people have all ways played, that is to caretake the animals, and the lands.. I understand that some folks don’t understand this and that’s ok, I respect your right to not understand. Please, respect my right to practice my spiritually and my culture the best way I can in this day and age. Marsee.

        • A great reply, I have been feeding birds for over 60 years,
          Feed Birds Responsibly should be everyones motto, we did
          not need a bylaw.

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