Will Council Be Asked To Reconsider Midland Bay Landing Plans?

Midland Bay Landing
Columnist writes that Midland Bay Landing should be turned into a waterfront park. Andrew Philips/MidlandToday

I know that I want to have this conversation… and have tried a few times this term – parkland preservation is a formative issue for me, and much of this is parkland. If Council sees enough support for revisiting the current (and as of yet totally unimplemented) plan, then there is an opportunity to reconsider the land’s future.

Please bring the concerns to Council. I know that past councils have dismissed petitions and I was horrified to see that play out with Edgehill Park. Thanks to many residents, I am now in a position to directly influence decisions before the town and will not allow petitions and community voices to be so easily dismissed.

Columnist Bill Molesworth has an interesting article in MidlandToday.ca. Read it here: https://www.midlandtoday.ca/local-news/is-council-brave-enough-to-do-right-by-its-citizens-and-turn-unimin-lands-into-a-park-2632173