Wondering Why So Many Playgrounds In Midland Are Still Closed Off?

Edgehill Park
Edgehill Park

Many of you have been asking me if the current state of closed playground equipment is due to COVID-19 or staffing / service level reductions and wondered, now that we are in phase 3, why the playgrounds still have barriers and caution tape.

In a report coming to council next week, which I encourage you to review (click here) it recommends the removal of some unfit playground equipment and the costly repair of others where structural integrity is in question.

Playground Equipment Test Results

You will see the many locations that fail to meet standards. The report recommends the removal of the following park playground equipment.

“Staff will be reaching out to playground vendors to discuss replacement options. Through this process it is also proposed that the public be consulted to help decide, which designs the Town of Midland could proceed with when replacing playground equipment. The costs for the replacements will be included in the 2021 Capital Budget for Council consideration.

Provided that Council gives approval to move forward with the removal of playground equipment, staff will work towards removing the equipment throughout the balance of the summer and into fall. Playground equipment that is slated for removal currently has snow fence surrounding it and staff feel that it is not a safety hazard at this time.