Yonge Street Reconstruction – Public Input

Public Input Meeting
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The Town is hosting a Public Information Centre for residents to attend and provide input related to the Yonge Street project. During the Public Information Centre, The Town’s Consultant will be going through design constraints and options for bike lanes throughout the Yonge Street corridor.

The purpose of this undertaking is to improve the deterioration of the underground infrastructure, improve the traffic lights at Eighth Street and Fourth Street and overall condition of the roadway through the above section.

One of the projects included in The Town’s Multi Modal Transportation Master Plan is upgrading the current bike lanes along Yonge Street to comply with the Ontario Traffic Manual Book 18- Cycling Facilities. Click on the link below for the Traffic Manual.
Ontario Traffic Manual Book 18- Cycling Facilities

Public Information Centre

Date: Wednesday October 11, 2023

Time: 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Place: Midland Public Library

Room: Lower level (off Elizabeth St). 



  1. You have citizens living in tents in parks and bushes in town and you’re talking about dedicating millions in funds to appease an elite group of Citiots in Toronto who drive around on $5,000 bicycles while wearing designer spandex body suits and banana helmets who don’t even live in Midland. Yeah that sounds about that same level of (in)sanity politics across Ontario purveys these days.

  2. The town is all hills, .001% of population bike, you don’t even see kids on their bikes, fix infrastructure and have better traffic flow. With midlands current public transit cars are going nowhere

  3. Put the roads back the way they were we do not need bike lanes the only ones using these are e-bikes and that’s probably because they lost their licences to drive. I don’t feel I should pay for this . We have absolutely no turning lanes I’m midland any more and this causes back ups every where in town and coming in from hwy 93 to young street Poor planning in my books!

  4. Put the town roads back the way they were ! We do not need more bike lanes who uses them people who lost their licences and now ride e bikes. I do not think we should be paying more for bike lanes. We have also lost all our turning lanes in town and this causes traffic backups every where . Coming in from hwy 93 to young street is dangerous to say the least. Take a poll and see how many actually like the way the roads in Midland are !
    Linda Duval
    Tax payer who is unhappy with raising taxes !

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