Youth Advisory Council For Midland

Youth Advisory Committee

It’s been tried before and didn’t find its legs. As part of my mission to make Town Hall and our council more collaborative and to help our decision making, I believe it’s time to re-engage our youth in decisions that impact their “future Midland”.

Youth Council

Whether it be a “youth council” or “youth advisory committee” the terms of reference would encourage participation by our young residents and see them consider, reflect and advise Council on new policies and initiatives from a youthful perspective and their shared vision for a Midland that will endure beyond most of a typical Council’s lifetime.

A similar committee made of our our residents, all with varying professional backgrounds, could help support staff and Council in the heavy lifting of background work when helping to advise Council on new projects and initiatives.

The power of four is our mantra for collaboration with our neighbouring municipalities, but why stop there? I believe we should tap and harvest the skills and perspectives in our community’s youth and adults to help Council stay grounded and make decisions more reflective of the residents whom we are elected to serve.

We are stronger together and our youth’s voices matter as we help shape them into young adults and decision makers in their personal, professional and family lives.

If you support this concept, please consider speaking with the other candidates about it.

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